Shipping Information & FAQ's


Where are you located?
We're located just north of the southern Oklahoma and Texas border, in  Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Population 24,950 and the county seat of Carter County.  Our family has lived and done business here since 1975.


What are your business hours? 
We are open Mon-Fri from 8-5 CST, and like most others we are closed for a little R&R on major holidays. Don't forget we're open 24/7 online!


Can I speak with someone?
Of course, that’s no problem! We would be happy to assist you in the way that best suits your lifestyle. Our wonderfully dedicated and knowledgeable account representatives are available by telephone from 8-5 CST, or you can live chat with a representative through our website. You can e-mail us as well and we guarantee you'll receive a timely response.


Do you charge sales tax? 
No, we have no sales tax imposed on any order unless it is purchased within the state of Oklahoma. This includes orders in which the shipping address is in Oklahoma. Please Note: Some states require that taxpayers fill out a “use tax” return and pay the equivalent of a sales tax in their state. Please consult your state law to determine if you have to pay this tax.


What does your FREE SHIPPING include? 
Exactly that, free shipping! We have no gimmicks or hidden fees. The price you see for an item is what you will pay, with the exception of sales tax in the state of Oklahoma. This will include a standard shipment through the preferred carrier. For items weighing over 150 lbs we include a standard curbside delivery with liftgate (see below)


What is a curbside delivery with lift-gate? 

For all Gun Safes we include FREE curbside delivery, this will get your safe to your home or business and they will unload it with a lift gate to the ground level. The carrier will call in advance to schedule delivery. Depending on the weight of the safe you may want to arrange for additional help to bring the safe inside. Please contact us before the item ships if you live on a rural route, area not serviced by freight carriers, or on an Island. If you have a narrow, steep, or inaccessible driveway for an 18 wheel truck and trailer, please contact us for options at 580-798-8578.

Additional Shipping Information

Please be sure to take careful measurements and keep in mind for delivery there will need to be room for a man on each side of the safe, especially in hallways and staircases. In the case that the safe cannot fit into the desired area due to size limitations, please have a suitable secondary location picked out for the safes final placement. Please check to see if your tile, wood, or other flooring is capable of handling the weight of the safe, If the flooring is not suitable for the weight of the safe, the safe may need to be placed in a different location.It is ideal to have a secondary location in mind.


What do I do if my shipment was damaged?
We require that all safes over 150 lbs be inspected at the time of delivery before being signed for, the driver cannot leave the site until the safe has been signed for.  In the rare occurrence that your order has been damaged during shipment, please note the specific damages on the delivery slip that you sign, then contact a representative to discuss your options. If your item is partially or has minor damaged and you would like to keep it, we will get a replacement part if available or touch up paint to you immediately, and talk to the shipping company about compensation (as long as the damage was noted when you signed for it).



*Please note that most full size gun safes ship upright, if the safe is lying down when it arrives, please call us to discuss or be sure to inspect.



*If your item is beyond the point where touch up paint or compensation is not acceptable, please refuse the delivery and contact a representative. The item will be shipped back and we will ship you a new item as quickly as possible.



 Other Questions:


What makes a fire Safe?

A fire safe becomes a fire safe as soon as it passes a test designed to rate the safe's ability to last through a fire and keep an internal temperature (inside the safe) of the stated rating with the industry standard being less than 350°. Manufacturers will use a variety of materials to create the insulation needed to maintain that temperature. A common misconception is that the safe will be totally burnt to the ground at the end of the rating, however when you see a 60 minute rating that means the interior of the safe stayed less than 350° up until 60 minutes.  This is an example of a 1 hour fire rated Winchester safe that was involved in a total loss home fire.  Everything inside the safe was protected from fire.


How are Fire Tests Conducted?

Every rating agency such as UL, ETL and other independent laboratories all conduct the tests slightly differently. Some agencies will start the clock with the temperature beginning to go up to 1200° to 1800° and others will begin the clock only after the temperature reaches that 1200° to 1800°. For an absolute true rating you can always trust UL as they are the closest mimic to an actual house fire. Due to the construction of Gun Safes, they are unable to pass the drop test included in the UL test.


What is ETL?

ETL, Intertek, is a third party testing agency considered the industry standard for Gun Safes as they have more than 100 years of consumer and industrial testing verifications for products with labs in over 14 countries. They are a completely independent organization and do not work for the manufacturers who submit their products for testing. This provides factual scientific results based on pure performance data.


What is UL?

UL, Underwriters Laboratories, is a third party American worldwide safety consulting and certification company established in 46 countries and conducts safety analysis for many of the last century's technologies.


When does paper burn or char?

Paper chars at 350° and burns at 450°. A verified fire rating will keep the temperature below 350° ensuring your papers and cash are safe.


Is there such a thing as a fire proof safe?

There is no such thing as "Fire Proof" and several companies have been fined for making these claims. All safes are fire resistant as there is no safe out there that can protect your valuables indefinitely against fire. Each fire resistant safe is tested against a fire and given an hourly rating.


Is my hard drive and flash drives safes in a regular safe?

Temperatures above 125° will ruin electronic data items including flash drives, CDs, external hard drives, tapes and other tech. Most fire safes are rated to keep an internal temperature below 350° which is not sufficient for these types of items.


Why would I need a 2 hour Fire Safe if the average house fire is only 20 minutes?

This question brings us back to the common misconception that the safe literally burns by the end of the rating. A longer fire rating doesn't mean your safe will melt later, it means that the interior of the safe is going to stay cooler for longer. While the standard house fire is 20 minutes, that means there are fires that last both much longer and much shorter to create the average. There are also highs and lows for temperatures that make up the average of 1100°. If you are in a high probability fire area such as Southern California, you may be exposed to temperatures well beyond 1100° where a 2 hour fire rating at 1800° will make more sense for you. By investing in a longer fire rating, you are increasing the odds that your items will stay cool and in perfect condition for a longer period of time.


I bought a gun safe that has a 24 gun capacity, but I can't fit 24 guns in it..

Gun capacities are calculated by the manufacturers using a small standard size rifle with no optics or modifications. In current times, nearly everyone uses optics and modifications to their firearms making the gun capacity quantity far less than it can actually hold. We recommend buying much larger than you have as you do not want the firearms banging into each other either potentially causing scratches and damage to the optics. For ideas on increasing your guns storage capacity, please check out our gun safe accessories page and most notably the gun storage solutions category.